APB Reloaded – lets get it right this time

You’ve probably already read my opinions of APB, about how much potential it had, and how it never lived up to it. It’s many many gameplay flaws, and as APB Reloaded’s Closed Beta begins (and I hope to be a part of it from day 0) we can hope to help fix it.

Today however I was linked a piece detailing the behind the scenes issues at Realtime Worlds – Yes, it’s September last year, but it’s quite a good read and details things that no player would ever realise was going on. Like how rigidly scripted the ‘live’ gameplay sessions were and how secrecy was kept to the point of paranoia and new features wouldn’t be released for testing until they were perfect, negating the actual point of testing.

If anyone from Gamers First read this, don’t follow the same path. Include us! There are rabid fans out there who want to make this game work.

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  1. Winston says:

    Chances of a company called Gamers First including actual gamers near the start of the process? Hopefully that question won’t have to be ironic.

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