A Plethora of Skyrim Content

Since it’s release I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim.

Frankly, the game is far too big to do one of my normal video reviews on, so I’m releasing lots of little bits of content for it.

Now, it’s not going to be one of those Let’s Plays of the whole game that everyone and their uncles are doing, although I will do Lets-play style things (I’m going to do a playthrough of the thieves guild chain for example), it won’t be of the whole game (I just don’t have the energy or bandwidth to edit and upload 100+ hours of video)

So, first off is showcasing a small bug with companions. When you get into combat with a sparring partner (ie, one who will submit after x hits) and if they accidently hit your companion, said companion will. not. stop. attacking.


It’s especially annoying on invulnerable NPCs. like this guy:

Here’s a guide on how to marry anyone in Skyrim (almost)  using console commands (addtofaction)

And here’s Part 1 of my Thieves Guild Playthrough

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