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[SWTOR] A Face you’d surely like to punch. But does Kotick have a point?

When Bobby ‘Actiblizzardzebub’ Kotick, the man presiding over WoW’s decline, questions the profitability of SWTOR, surely your first reaction is to scoff and chortle over this blatant piece of self-promoting trash talk. But has he inadvertently made a point? Lets … Continue reading

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A Plethora of Skyrim Content

Since it’s release I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim. Frankly, the game is far too big to do one of my normal video reviews on, so I’m releasing lots of little bits of content for it. Now, it’s not … Continue reading

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Super Smashing Great

We’ve had all these promises of “Next-gen” MMOs for some time now, but what exactly is “Next-Gen”. Is it graphics? New gameplay? Improved Social interaction? Unique Content? Novel settings? It’s such a fuzzy term. “Current-Gen” is even fuzzier. World of … Continue reading

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We travel on the road to adventure

So I’ve gotten back on the Fallen Earth Wagon several months after quitting in a fit of annoyance. Why was I annoyed? I was one of those unfortnate to suffer the random Crash To Desktop errors that caused no end … Continue reading

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Death Rays and Firey Cthulus

Last night was quite eventful in Champions Online, I finally got Lasair to level 40 after forgoeing the lag of Lemuria for the final three Nemesis missions. Hell, that last mission was alot of fun. Volcano bases, Death rays, Firey … Continue reading

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Braid (PC Game)

I’m never reluctant to play a new game, especially one that’s been given such good press. Some reviewers have ultimatly stated that it is a work of art. However, I was never compelled to actually play Braid, even on the … Continue reading

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