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Sonic Generations – A Review of Questionable Quality

Sonic Generations is a game that attempts to please all types of Sonic fans, Past and Present, with not one, but TWO playable Sonic characters. Both the classic Megadrive sonic and the modern 3D sonic, travelling through time, revisiting past … Continue reading

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Star Trek Online Video Review

I put together an audio review of Star Trek online and edited in footage of the game. I’ve decided I’m not a very good narrator so this will likely be the first and last review I put up, atleast, with … Continue reading

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District 9

So I went to see District 9 tonight, and I must say it was quite fun. Gruesome, limb-choppingly, lip-smackingly good fun. A little bit odd-ball at times, and I can understand the gripes people have had with it (from reading … Continue reading

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Braid (PC Game)

I’m never reluctant to play a new game, especially one that’s been given such good press. Some reviewers have ultimatly stated that it is a work of art. However, I was never compelled to actually play Braid, even on the … Continue reading

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Revelation Space

On Tuesday I finished reading Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds, his first published hardback – and as with most of the big Sci-fi authors, Asimov, Clarke and Bradbury to name a few) was released after a successful career writing short stories, but it doesn’t show. This novel is 545 pages of epic storytelling threaded with more knots and twists than the set of earphones that I keep in my jacket. Continue reading

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