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An extract of Unity

About 3 years ago I took part in NaNoWriMo, an initiative to get people writing novels by giving you 1 month to write at 50,000 word story. The story I decided to write was a Science-fiction story called “Unity”, and … Continue reading

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4 Franchises that could shake the MMO Market

Looking back on the last decade, during the rise of the MMO and we see that there were loads of MMO’s based on pre-existing franchises from a myriad of other formats. We’ve had World of Warcraft come from RTS roots, … Continue reading

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Questioning ones self

One of my many web-comics on my reading list for a long time has been Dark Legacy – a crudely drawn, World of Warcraft based comic. The same artist also has a shorter series called the Stonemaker Argument. This one … Continue reading

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Revelation Space

On Tuesday I finished reading Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds, his first published hardback – and as with most of the big Sci-fi authors, Asimov, Clarke and Bradbury to name a few) was released after a successful career writing short stories, but it doesn’t show. This novel is 545 pages of epic storytelling threaded with more knots and twists than the set of earphones that I keep in my jacket. Continue reading

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Robot’s, MMO’s, Sci-fi and Programming…

Firstly, I’d like to say hello to anyone reading this, you’re probably reading this – if at all – about 4 months after it’s been posted (no-one ever reads new blog’s until they’re successful) so Hello to the future! Hopefully it’s not as crap as I expect it will be. Continue reading

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