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[APB] Controvertial Release and Talentless Hacks

Well, it’s been a while since I did a commentary on the state of APB, that’s mainly because I stopped playing it some months ago (Instead focusing on playing a variety of games from Indie to AAA, and almost giving … Continue reading

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Welcome back to the Wasteland. I hope you brought cash this time.

Apparently I missed the announcement that GamersFirst (currently pimping out APB:Reloaded) was taking over Fallen Earth, at the very least the hardware side of things, but now GamersFirst are taking over the whole thing and turning it Free-To-Play. While the … Continue reading

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APB Reloaded Videos

Perhaps a bit long-winded, here is an hours worth of gaming from first the Enforcer side, and then the Criminal side

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APB: I must have dreamed a thousand dreams…

It’s time! Time for Open Beta! APB Reloaded is officially open to everyone. Time for the APB Reloaded Open Beta to be pushed back while they fix a NEW Crash-to-Desktop bug! Hurrah! Luckily, that doesn’t really change my review much. … Continue reading

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When is an Open Beta not an Open Beta?

Exactly what the Beta 1.5 Update for APB will entail has been released, and for the most part it’s good. Closed beta continues on for a while longer, and everyone gets an invite who signed up in February, the new … Continue reading

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APB Reloaded, The Beta Continues

If you’ve been keeping up with the APB Reloaded blog (which I no doubt you haven’t, as it’s pretty much only relevant to those in Closed Beta) you’ll know that the EU servers for the closed beta have been delayed … Continue reading

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Blogging on Hold

Blogging on hold until they lift the NDA on APB:Reloaded. Testing is taking up alot of my time and, obviously, I can’t talk about it. If you have any interest in APB at all, take the time and browse the … Continue reading

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